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Big Banjo Bob Bailey

(or Captain Banjo Bob, as he frequently has to change his name in order to stay ahead of his pursuers)  With his fingers flying, plucker’s pluckin, and baritone booming Bob’s the anchor man for our tug of war team.  He’s been  playing  banjo since before…, well since before they were even invented. Not only is he cute but he makes his own banjos!

Yup, just Austin.  Like Sting or Bono or Cher (no
on second thought definitely not like Cher) all the really cool classics only have one name. This again might also have something to do with staying ahead of pursuers.  Austin’s guitar provides the rhythmic bounce and tumble that gets your toes tapping and his beer soaked voice makes you feel like you belong.

Andy Karpay

Mr. Mandolin.  His love of the mandolin forced him to learn (and love) old time and bluegrass styles.  A founding member of the infamous “C&W Mow Company”, whether  playing country, bluegrass, blues, Reggae, or jazz his motto is: “When the only tool you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail”.  With a feathery touch, racing riffs, and jazzy back beats in his bag of tricks no one can doubt his supernatural abilities.

richard3 Richard “The Real Deal” Lepps

The only one of the boys who have played the “Big Show”, thats right Madison Square Garden.  Yes this master of the fiddle can make you weep,as he gently,strokes out sweet melodies or he can make you jump right out of your shoes when he nearly saws his instrument in half.  And if, your lucky…  and if he’s feeling randy his vocal chops will leave you with something to think about!

Tom Hicks

This dedicated musican / part time dumpster diver (or is that the other way around) has a very unique story about finding love…  He was driving down the road and found his beautiful stand up in the trash….  He’s been smitten ever since!  A veteran bassist who hailed from a country band in the Oaklahoma Hills he’s been a fixture in the Sarasota scene for the past 10 years.